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Metropolitan France was divided into a German occupation zone in the north and Vichy France, a newly established authoritarian regime collaborating with Germany, in the south, while Free France, the government-in-exile led by Charles de Gaulle, was set up in London.
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From 1966 to 1995 France did not participate in the integrated military structure of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO, retaining full control over its own air, ground, and naval forces; beginning in 1995, however, France was represented on the NATO Military Committee, and in 2009 French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that the country would rejoin the organizations military command.
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This has meant that the guarantees for freedom of religion have been curtailed for faith groups in France. Although France is extremely safe, anyone from an openly religious, faith community may still need to exercise care when travelling in France.
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The new government can expect serious opposition to its ambitions, possibly on the streets, from trade unions and the radical left-wing France Unbowed movement, which has pushed the more moderate Socialists onto the political margins. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Grand Soir 3 is the late-night news programme of French public television network France 3.
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Visible are the Republic of Ireland top leftmost, the United Kingdom top left, France middle left, Belgium middle, the Netherlands top middle, Germany right, Denmark top right, Luxembourg between France, Germany, and Belgium, Switzerland bottom middle, Italy bottom middle, and Austria bottom right; the latter three all cloud covered.
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Demographics change change source. On 1 January 2008, it was estimated that 63.8 million people live in France, including in the Overseas Regions of France. 52 61875000, of these live in metropolitan France, the part of the country that is within Europe.

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